Compton Union Building

CUB Lair

The mission of the Compton Union Building (CUB) Advisory Board is to ensure the scheduled use, allocation of resources, and goals of the Compton Union Building to support the interests of the students of WSU and other shareholders across the community. Through participation and collaboration with the CUB Operations staff, the Board shall develop long-range goals and short-term objectives which will provide the operational framework for the CUB.

Current members include:

Student Members

  • Devlyn Tobin - Co-Chair and At-large Representative
  • Chloe Britton - Co-Chair and CUB Employee Representative
  • Avoree Bell - Residence Hall Representative
  • Cammy Sessoms - Council of Multicultural Student Presidents Representative
  • Meghann Ferguson - CUB Resident Representative, Student Entertainment Board
  • Colin Storm - GPSA Representative
  • Paul Choi - At-large Representative
  • McKenzie Caldwell - Greek Affiliated Representative
  • Jordan Frost - ASWSU Executive Representative

Faculty & Staff Members

  • Manuel Acevedo - Office of Student Affairs
  • Ben Calabretta - CUB Resident Representative
  • Berto Cerrillo - Office of Student Affairs
  • Chris Jones - President's Office Representative
  • Vickie Murray - Office of Business and Finance Representative
  • Edward Sala - University Relations Representative

CUB Administration

Meeting Schedule

  • Please contact Karee Shaw for current meeting dates, times, and locations.