Compton Union Building


Union Marketing Services is responsible for approving and posting banners on the outdoor pedestrian overpass near Lighty Student Services. Please pay special attention to the return policies below.

According to the BPPM, banners that are hung must meet the following standards:

  • Made of heavy vinyl with wind vents or mesh
  • Within the height of the bridges to ensure secure tying (37 inches)
  • Grommets (top, bottom and sides)

Banners can be printed on campus at BCU and University Communications.

Banner Policies: Please deliver all banners to CUB L44

  • Union Marketing will take one banner per event
  • Banners will be put up for a maximum of two weeks
  • Banners are put up on a first come, first served basis
  • Banner location can be requested, but is not guaranteed
  • Banners can only promote a university events, events sponsored by student government, or events sponsored by a Registered Student Organization
  • Entities not related to WSU are not authorized to use this resource

Return Policies

  • Once removed, Union Marketing will email designated contact for pick up
  • Union Marketing will hold on to each banner for only two weeks
  • If not returned within two weeks, Union Marketing will dispose of each banner
  • Pick up in CUB L44 anytime during normal office hours (M-F, 8am-5pm)

Please Note: Union Marketing Services is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged banners. However, we will make every possible effort to return your banner in the condition we received it.