Compton Union Building

Compton Union Building Service and Activity Fee 

The CUB provides services to all students on campus, over four hundred RSO’s, CUB resident departments, and sees an average of 10,000 patrons through the doors daily during the academic year. Of more than 14,000 annual reservations for meetings, events and tables, over 50% are from registered student organizations. On average the CUB waives $30,000 in facility fees and event support to student groups.

Revenue Generation 2021-2022
Funding Source Amount Received Percentage
Student Fees  $4,479,679 52.8%
 S&A Fees  $1,468,808 16.88%
 Pledged S&A Fees  $647,000 7.64%
Lease Income  $999,311 10.73%
Miscellaneous (Facility Usage, Sales, Univ Support)  $1,128,541 11.95%
Total  $8,523,339 100.0%


S&A Fee Usage 2021-2022
Usage Amount Allocated Percentage
Student Wages $326,400 10.50%
Salaries $696,089 58.76%
Graduate Assistantships $0 0.0%
Benefits and Modernization Fee $259,405 21.68%
Goods and Services (copying, printing, programming, education, telephone) $186,914 9.06%
Travel $0 0.0%
Total $1,468,808 100.0%


 Allocation 2013 - present

Year Allocation % Change
2021-2022 $1,468,808 2.7%
2020-2021 $1,430,070  -13.94%
2019-2020 $1,661,773 2%
2018-2019 $1,629,189  2.4%
2017-2018 $1,589,803 1.12%
2016-2017 $1,572,229 4.31%
2015-2016 $1,507,225 4.98%
2014-2015 $1,435,721 -9.14%
2013-2014 $1,580,221 NA

Listed below are the infrastructure support and intended services that the CUB provides through the Service and Activity Fee.


  • Open 98 hours a week during the academic year
  • Student groups and organizations have free access to meeting rooms, equipment, and receive priority use of event space (1 complementary annually)
  • Complementary and public use for students of lounges, billiards, televisions, outlets, and phone charging stations

Registered Student Organization Administration

  • Process disbursements and deposits for over 400 RSOs 
  • Process daily deposits and ensuring compliance to policies
  • Staff available to provide a fast turn-around time on financial paperwork without a check issuance fee


  • Desktop and server replacement plan and technical support for over 250 machines for 9 CUB Community Members and all student organizations housed in the CUB
  • Provide telephone and ethernet service to student areas, annual billing of $26,200


  • Direct design and planning support for several programs including ASWSU, GPSA, Center for Civic Engagement, Gender/Identity Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center, Multicultural Student Services, Student Entertainment Board, and Center for Student Organizations and Leadership.
  • Marketing support for digital signage and postings throughout the building
  • Provide Coug Presence administration and oversight, web design, and support for over 400 RSO groups, RHA, ASWSU and GPSA

Student Staffing

  • Provide approximately 80 students with enhanced employment experiences to maintain the highly utilized building
  • Develop a training plan to yield learning outcomes in leadership, professional and personal development