Compton Union Building

The Compton Union Art Committee originated in the fall of 2012 with the mission of enhancing public art in the Compton Union Building. In addition to procuring a wide variety of new works for the permanent collection of the CUB, the Art Committee also collaborates with artists and student groups on temporary displays and loaned works as well. If you are interested in joining the CUB Art Committee, or have questions about a current piece, please contact Karee Shaw at

Our current art pieces:

Art By Daniel Tate

Owlbert Einstein (water color on paper) by Daniel Tate 2014 [2nd floor room 206]

Art by Hiromi Okumura

Alchemy, Perpetual Motion by Hiromi Okumura, 2009 [main stairwell between ground and lower level]

Art by David Garibaldi

Einstein (painting) by David Garibaldi 2011 [3rd floor room 320 Office of Student Involvement]

Art by Jose Montalvo

Flor y Canto (6’x6’ painting) by Jose “Nuke” Montalvo 2009 [4th floor Chicano Latino Student Center]

Art by Paul Vexler

The Yellow Knot by Paul Vexler, 2011 [West Entrance Atrium]

Art by Katrin Weise

Common Ground (triptych painting) by Katrin Weise 1995 [ground floor library entrance lounge]

Art by Jose Montalvo and Carlos Lobo

Sexto Sol (12’x8’painting) by Jose “Nuke” Montalvo and Carlos Lobo 1997 [4th floor Chicano Latino Student Center]

Interested in displaying your art in the CUB? Contact Karee Shaw to learn more.